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Sofia Camplioni Wedding Photography

Δεν υπάρχει καλύτερος τρόπος να περιγράψω την δουλειά μου από τον ίδιο τον ορισμό της “φωτορεπορταζ-ιακής» γαμήλιας φωτογραφίας (wedding photojournalism):

Wedding Photojournalism: Όπως λέει και το όνομά του βασίζεται στην καταγραφή μιας ιστορίας. Μιας φωτογραφικής ιστορίας των γεγονότων που συνέβησαν αυτήν την τόσο σημαντική ημέρα. Η φωτορεπορταζ-ιακή φωτογραφία γάμου προσπαθεί να συλλάβει το αληθινό. Το ότι ήταν παρών, το ό,τι συνέβη. Τίποτα δεν έχει διορθωθεί η (ξ)αναστηθεί. Δεν υπάρχουν προετοιμασμένα πλάνα.

Για τον φωτογράφο η γαμήλια μέρα είναι σαν ένας λευκός καμβάς.

Είναι ένας οπτικός καλλιτέχνης που θα προσπαθήσει να συλλάβει την ημέρα του γάμου με τον τρόπο που εσείς θα την θυμάστε για το υπόλοιπο της ζωής σας.

I love to photograph weddings in a documentary style.
I work with the flow of a wedding to capture moments as they happen, with a natural but creative approach and a touch of elegance.

For the next day shooting, I like to add a fashion inspiration.

I have photographed Weddings all over Greece and the Greek islands with their rare beauty, also in Italy that I adore, with its unique architecture and wonderful countryside, but also in Germany with the wonderful and very interesting urban landscape.
I have also traveled many times and photographed in the exotic Middle East, at the impressive Emirate of Dubai and the more traditional Abu Dhabi, but also in incredible Qatar, as well as the magnificent Riyadh and the beautiful Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
Different cultures, each with its own unique beauty, style and color and each time with very interesting traditional customs for the wedding day.

My job is to capture unique images of the most beautiful and important moments in people’s lives, on their wedding day in a way that they will remember for a lifetime.

It is an honor and a great joy for me every time a couple chooses me and gives me the opportunity to be the photographer of their wedding day to be the one who will photograph one of the most beautiful days of their lives.

You can email me at Sofia.Camplioni@Gmail.Com

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When I saw her at another wedding I knew that she would be the photographer at my wedding !!! She is an awesome professional, she knows her job, is a very positive person, flexible, with creativity and imagination. I have the best photos from my wedding and of course, I can’t wait for our next collaboration! 


Sofia was the best choice for my wedding. She was very kind and made me feel very calm. She did an amazing job and I have the perfect photographs to remind me my special day. We are all very satisfied. 


Working with Sofia and her husband Chris was great. Leading up to the wedding, we met with Sofia to discuss the details of how we wanted everything to go; she always made the atmosphere very relaxed and welcoming. On the day of the wedding, she went to my wife’s house to photograph her preparation, while Chris came with me and my family to photograph us and then we all met up at the Church. Chris was just like one of the family with us; you barely noticed him in the sense of a photographer being there. He fit into the group like an old friend, while still managing to capture the essence of the moment(s). The quality of the pictures (and the number) were both impressive. I was very satisfied, and Sofia and Chris even stayed extra at the wedding reception (which itself went until 5 am the next day) to take some more pictures. They managed to capture just about every electrifying smile/face that day. Then, a few days later, we went with Sophia to a location close by the sea to take more pictures. It was a location that I’ve actually been to quite a few times and never really noticed its potential as a backdrop. Sofia has a talent for taking the seemingly ordinary and mundane and exploiting it as the perfect, idyllic scene for a picture. She and her husband make a great team, and they’ve got a definite talent. 


 Sofia is an absolutely fantastic photographer and her photos are really exceptional. Sofia was very good and professional on the day, she destressed us and did her job without us having to worry about anything. She was really responsive to what we wanted – we wanted a wedding album that captured the day as it happened. She captured the day in a photojournalistic style, while being very discreet. All of our friends have commented on how fantastic the wedding photos were. We love looking at our wedding pictures so much, they are both so beautiful and so authentic. 


Great job!!! They are excellent professionals!!! 


Very professional and reliable photographer! Best choice for us to book her! 


We were so lucky to have Sofia as our wedding photographer. She and her partner Chris did a fantastic job and we are delighted with the photos. Photos last a lifetime and we are happy and grateful they have given us beautiful lasting memories of our special day. I can’t wait to work with Sofia again in September 2021 for our son’s christening day!!!!!! Thank you, Sofia!!!!!!! 


When I saw her work in our designer’s pictures, I knew she is THE ONE for our wedding. Sofia is so friendly and professional at the same time. Her ability to capture lovely candid moments that shows emotion and love is magical. I would recommend her to everyone looking for a wedding photographer pointing in details without being asked. Thank you Sofia for making our day even more special! 


We didn’t just hire a photographer, we hired a biographer who captured the essence of our special day. In her photos, we see feelings, not just pretty faces. We could not have made a better choice when hiring her as our photographer!!! 


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